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Ants bread very quickly with a female having a life span of around 15 years when placed in optimal conditions. Ants are very small and can burrow and nest in large colonies out of sight. This makes it hard to determine whether you have a few rogue ants or a serious underlying problem. As professionals in Ant Control Durban, we can inspect your property and if you think you may have problems with ants, we can provide a quick and hassle free solution for you.

Ant Control Durban

Ant colonies can usually be determined by surface dirt or soil being seen on main entry points. As the ants tunnel into their colony, they remove the dirt as they go which is why is becomes visible on the surface. This can and sometimes does cause issues to pathways or paving and can make it uneven and need for costly and time consuming repairs. Ant Control Durban is a straight forward procedure which is fast and guaranteed to keep these ants away for a long time.

Having ants invade your property, especially in food preparation areas and kitchens can be a hazard to health. The last thing you want is ants crawling over your food. To avoid ant problems in the first place, make sure to clean properly in your home and not to leave garbage bags out for long periods. If you have been affected by ants, don’t panic. We can quickly remove and provide Ant Control in Durban to make your home ant free and healthy once again. Call our team of professional pest controllers today on 031 100 1928

How to get rid of Ants in Durban