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Having birds unwillingly nesting in your roof or other areas of your property can be a real pain and does in fact pose a health risk and droppings can spread bacteria and cause illness in humans and pets alike. Our team of experts have over 40 years’ experience in controlling pests such as birds and know the common tell-tale signs and areas of importance when looking into your issues. If you have a bird problem or need expert pigeon proofing Durban, call our team of specialists today and further discuss your problem or requirements.

Bird Control Durban

Pigeons are annoying as they not only cause a mess but can be harmful to health and spread illness easily. They tend to nest in large numbers and often frequent voids in roof structures, on window ledges and on balconies and large roofs. Having effective pigeon proofing Durban installed at your property will help to prevent these birds from causing a nuisance and mess. We can install mesh grills, pigeon spikes, wire frames or netting to protect problematic areas.

We can also build custom Pigeon Proofing nets and Bird Control systems to meet exact requirements. Each and every job we do is unique so our specialists will determine the best and most effective method for your home or commercial building. We can also seal of problematic public areas and roof tops where birds or pigeons can be a nuisance. Professional Bird Control Durban can be arranged quickly by calling 031 100 1928 and speaking directly with a member of the team.

Pigeon Proofing Durban