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Our homes are often invaded by all sorts of creatures, insects, flies, bugs and cockroaches and can be a real eye sore as well as a health hazard. Fortunately, we are familiar with all insect control in Durban and will be able to quickly identify the type of infestation you have and the best and most effective course of treatment to cure the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.

Some of the most common Insect Control in Durban includes:

 Roaches & Cockroach Controlinsect control in Durban

 Bee Fumigation and Bees Nest Removal

 Ant Control

Flies & Maggots – inc Fruit Flies

 Flea Infestations

 Bed Bugs



Whatever your issues might be and as soon as you identify you may have a common pest problem, you should call a professional as soon as possible before the problem persists. Most insects bread very quickly and what starts out as a small problem can often escalate very quickly into something more serious. Call us today for a fast and effective control of insects in Durban. We cover the entire region and surrounding suburbs from our centralised HQ – call 031 100 1928

Insect Control Durban