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Rodents, rats and mice can cause a real issue if proper control and prevention methods are not in place. Rats tend to thrive in dirty environments such as garbage bins and drainage systems so care must be taken to make sure these problem areas are kept clean, especially in commercial premises, food outlets & restaurants. The penalties for having rodents or mice / rats on your property can be severe as they pose a potential risk to others through the transmission of disease and bacteria. Having a professional company initiate Rodent Control in Durban will save you hassle of having to remove large numbers of these filthy rodents later down the line as well as keeping your property a safe and clean environment for all to enjoy.

Rodent Control Durban

Our team of specialist exterminators are more than familiar with dealing with Rat Control Durban. We have been in business for over 4 decades and during this time; we have dealt with many rat and mice infestations across the region. Mice are common in the home and can nest in your roof space or in your garage and like to thrive in undisturbed areas. Setting mouse traps and bait to catch these little rodents is straight forward but our expertise comes into its own when effectively placing traps in the correct areas. We also use professional rat bait, rat traps and rat poison to control any rat issues you may have and also to prevent issues from arising in the first place.

Rodent Control Durban is performed by experts and the safe use of pesticides, poisons and insecticides is always performed in a control environment and in a way which is not harmful to you or your pets and is eco-friendly to the environment. For any mouse, rat or rodent issues in Durban, call the team today to arrange a site inspection or further discuss your issues. Call us on 031 100 1928 or use the contact form to your right.

Rat Control & Removal Durban